Hi there! I'm Paul, a french designer living in Paris. I am a Senior Game Designer at the Gameloft HQ by day and an independent game maker by night.

I have a hard-wired desire to design engaging user experiences and ship great games. I believe that designing is more than a specific skillset. It is about being open-minded and able to solve any kind of problems with the most affordance and elegance within given constraints. A designer does not have the monopoly of ideas, and must also be open to absorbing, nurturing and protecting ideas from the whole team.

I'm constantly looking for new things to discover, learn and share with others. I love to surround myself with books, games and movies as much as I enjoy longboarding, taking pictures and listening to music.
I also can't stop designing games on my spare time. And when I do stop, you may still find me crowdfunding and tweeting about others' projects.


Achieving your childhood dreams – Randy Pausch
– Video, 76min
Beautiful Art Program – Tale of Tales
– Transcript