If you're looking to learn more about me, you're in the right place!


I’ve always been interested in designing innovative entertainment products for large audiences.
Over the years, I’ve had the chance to work on second-screen apps for sports fans, free-to-play mobile games with millions of players and social narrative games for kids & tweens.

I’m currently working as editorial/creative director at Playwing, the new game publisher of the Ubisoft founders (the Guillemot brothers), on an upcoming slate of mobile & PC/console games.

In my spare time, I’m always pushing myself to learn new things and challenge the status quo. So far I’ve made:

I have a hardwired desire to craft engaging, polished entertainment products, and a propensity to deliver them on time and budget.

I strive to empower my teammates through a clear vision, an agile process, and a safe environment, where everyone can nurture and champion ideas in order to ship the best possible product.

Designing interactive entertainment is something much deeper than a day job to me, and I’m always keen to pass on anything I've learnt through my career.
To that end, I've dabbled in teaching with an entry-level game design course for Science Po undergrads, who evaluated me positively.
I've been to middle schools, high schools and even a 2-day workshop by a local Job Center to talk about the roads one can take to work in the entertainment industry.

My current side project is a narrative game inspired by the Calciopoli.


On a personal level, I’m a film buff/tv series addict who loves team sports, narrative games (digital & tabletop), hiking in the outdoors and biking to work.

I'm constantly looking for new things to discover, learn and share with others. I can't stop designing games and crafting stories, but when I do stop, you may still find me crowdfunding and tweeting about others' projects.
I love to surround myself with books, as much as I enjoy longboarding, taking pictures and listening to music.


Achieving your childhood dreams – Randy Pausch
– Video, 76min
Beautiful Art Program – Tale of Tales
– Transcript
Blade Runner
– Movie