Redesigning the PrePlay Sports apps

I had the opportunity to undertake an overhaul of the entire product when the CTO and the dev team decided to centralise and share most of the codebase for every sport for both the server and the client.

We started by breaking down the entire product to the smallest possible level: user actions and information, before building it again from the ground up.

Listing and categorizing existing player actions and game information

We then prioritised each item in terms of navigational depth, based on user need and usage data gathered from the live product.

Prioritizing features based on user need and usage data

We moved on to lo-fi wireframing the whole app (40+ screens/states) and creating flowcharts before jumping into prototyping the most challenging parts of the design.

And because we were updating a live product with tens of thousands of users, we tried to keep as many things as possible that were already working, and avoid big changes if there were only marginal gains in terms of usability.

Visual design

This project also allowed us to give the game a brand new visual identity. We set out with two main goals:

  1. Delivering a fresh, standout look, more in line with the current trends at the time – iOS 7 was about to unleash "flat design" upon the world.
  2. Letting the aesthetic markers of each sport shine through our use of colors, fonts, logos, subtle textures and sounds, etc.
MLB PrePlay App Icon (before and after redesigning the apps)
Early app version before redesign (baseball version)
Redesigned app (baseball version)
Play-by-play list of a game with the player's guesses and results (football version)
Paul Vauvrey

Paul Vauvrey